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Style is more than the clothes you wear –
it lets people know who you are. 

As a personal stylist, my goal is to help you feel confident, stylish, and, most importantly, like the best version of yourself. My clients have struggled with a long list of style challenges, from finding the right jeans to dressing age-appropriately to feeling hopeless about ever having a personal style all their own, and if any of these challenges sound familiar, I can help! My job is to create a wardrobe that you love and are excited about.

Sort, Shop, & Style

A complete wardrobe update, the Sort, Shop, and Style is one of my most popular and exciting services. We’ll work together to transform your wardrobe in its entirety. At the end of this process, you’ll feel more excited and like yourself when you get dressed every morning than you ever have before.  More… 

Closet Styling

Do you have a closet full of great pieces, but struggle with creating outfits that you love? Closet styling may be the perfect solution! My closet styling services are focused on using what you have to put together looks that boost your confidence and reflect your personal style. More…

Seasonal Update

Seasons and trends change throughout the year, and keeping your wardrobe current is an important part of maintaining a functional, full closet. More importantly, updating your wardrobe with the changing seasons will allow you to continue to feel confident in your personal style. More…

I simply do NOT shop well…I felt too much pressure and was wasting too much time and energy looking for the perfect outfit!  Christina got me!  A stress-free experience with great results!  She was able to take my no-fuss fashion to the next level while still being easy going and comfortable. – Rhonda

How can I help you?

Whether you have a fashion emergency, want to revamp your wardrobe, need guidance creating outfits from clothing you already own, or need a seasonal wardrobe update, I can help!

Sorting through your closet and shopping for new pieces can be overwhelming, but I can help you edit your wardrobe and shop in the right stores for the perfect fit—bringing your style to life without the stress of doing it on your own.


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